Some Benefits Of Taking Care Of Your Pets

Did you know that the hormone oxytocin, which is secreted when the body experiences pleasure is also secreted when a pet and its owner experience positive interactions with each other?

The stronger the bond between the owner and dog, the greater the chance that the person secretes this hormone, creating states of happiness and health.

It is proven that having a close relationship and regular interaction with your pet provides a series of benefits in your life. For example, petting a dog for about 10 minutes or more can quickly relieve your everyday stress and lower blood pressure. The company of your pet can also improve your mental health by avoiding depressions.

Your children will also benefit because several studies show that children who have grown up with pets are healthier than those who didn"t. Those who have lived with dogs or cats in their first year of life, have minor problems of infections in their ears, breathing problems, and allergies than children without pets.

Studies show that people who take care of their pets could also be healthier. Playing, running, or taking your pet for a walk have a positive impact on your mind. In particular, they have proven health benefits by reducing the rate of cardiovascular problems.

Specifically, dogs can also help people with certain health problems such as epilepsy and cancer, as some dogs can be trained to detect these problems before they occur or at the very moment in which is beginning.

Here we list some benefits that could bring caring for your dog:

  • Fewer illnesses
  • More resistance to allergies
  • Greater happiness.
  • A healthy heart.
  • More exercise.
  • More active social life.
  • Stress reduction.

Essential medical care to protect your pet

Like a child, your pets need medical care from their first weeks of life. Otherwise, they may spread pests and diseases that can make your family ill. Therefore, protecting your family"s health also means protecting your pets.

Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that are transmitted from an animal to a human being. They can be any animal, for example, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, farm animals, wild animals, among others. However, in the case of pets, most zoonotic diseases are usually manageable. Taking good hygiene and keeping track of vaccines and internal and external parasites can prevent your pets from contracting and spreading diseases.

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